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Product Data Sheet - Multiple Signal Repeaters

Send Multiple Analog and Digital Signals Between Two Locations
Without the High Cost of Multiple Cables

In applications such as remote process monitoring, factory automation, and energy management, a variety of signals must be transmitted over long distances. Instead of requiring expensive, multi-conductor sensor wiring for each signal, you can reduce cabling costs significantly by using a pair of I/O PLEXER Repeaters and a single communication circuit.

One Repeater concentrates your signals into serial data. The other recreates the individual signals at the second location. Special firmware eliminates the need for a host computer. Data flow is bi-directional, so you can pass signals in either direction. And checksumming is included to ensure data integrity.

Handle a Broad Mix of Analog and Digital Signals

One pair of Repeaters can handle 16 analog or digital signals in any combination. With optional Digital Expanders up to 48 more digital signals can be added for a total of 64.

I/O PLEXER Repeaters use duTec I/O modules to match signal requirements exactly. With a direct interface to the sensors, no signal conditioning is required. Furthermore, all duTec modules feature total electrical isolation, both module-to-logic and module-to-module.

Analog modules are available to measure:

A full range of industry standard digital modules is available for AC, DC, and dry contact inputs and outputs to hundreds of volts. See  our I/O Module data sheet here.

I/O PLEXER Repeaters can be used to convert signals from one type to another. For example, a temperature signal can be converted to voltage or current.

Choose Your Own Communications Link

duTec supports several standards for transmitting serial data between I/O PLEXER Repeaters. Built-in modem control lines allow use of telephone, fiber optic, and radio modems at baud rates to 38,400.

Maximum Distance of Communication Links

Serial Link Feet Meters
RS-232 50 15
RS-422 5,000 1,524
RS-485 5,000 1,524

Fast Response Time

Under full load (sixteen analog and 48 digital signals), the average response time between an input event and the resulting output is less than 250 ms @9600 baud.

Easy Setup

A self-contained I/O PLEXER Repeater has its own power supply, so there's no need to purchase or reserve space for an external supply. A push button and on-board LED indicator configure baud rate and Input/Output separator. Removable terminal strips let you connect or disconnect multiple cable sets in one step.

Built-In Diagnostics

On power-up, the unit self-tests for system faults and reports via a sequential display. Should hardware or firmware fail, an on-board hardware watchdog provides safe shutdown by turning off all outputs.

Standard Communications Watchdog

You can also use your I/O PLEXER Repeater to implement alarm and fail-safe states in case the communications link fails. Watchdog configuration requires a one-time initializtion connection to a host computer.

Upgrade Option

If your application evolves to a centralized or distributed control network, your I/O PLEXER Repeaters can be upgraded to full I/O PLEXER status. Contact duTec about features gained, upgrade details and pricing.

Physical Specifications



90-264 Vac 47-440 Hz

Option /B

9 - 18 Vdc @ 25 W

Option /C

18-36 Vdc @ 25 W



0 deg. - 60 deg. C


95% non-condensing


Stainless Steel


17.25 in (44 cm)


5.0 in (12.7 cm)

Height (w/modules)

3.5 in (8.9 cm)


4 lbs (1.8 kg)

Ordering Information

Model Number Description


16 sockets for any mix of analog and digital modules


16 sockets for digital modules only

Option Codes

Description of I/O Controller Options


Controller logic & connectors for adding up to 3 IOP-DE, 16 I/O digital expanders


Expansion chassis with sockets for 16 digital only I/O modules, no power supply required


Alternate power supply for operation from 9-18 Vdc @ 25 W


Alternate power supply for operation from 18-36 Vdc @ 25 W

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