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Product Data Sheet - I/O Modules

duTec manufactured modules

Mix and Match Analog & Digital with duTec's Remote I/O Products!

Real-world process control is a mixture of analog and digital I/O. Open architecture systems from duTec provide proven, cost-effective solutions that optimize your capabilities. Our I/O products can be controlled from a remote host PC, operate as a STANDALONE controller or both.

duTec's industrial I/O controllers can be populated with any mixture of analog or digital, input or output, ac or dc modules. Because real world process control systems use a wide variety of signal types, single-point packaging lowers total system costs, simplifies troubleshooting, and reduces back-up inventory requirements.

duTec Module Dimensions

OMNI-ISOLATED I/O modules provide point-to- point, point-to-logic and point-to-power supply protection from accidental damage to controllers or computers and prevent ground-loops.

The command instructions, a superset of the Optomux TM protocol, is supported by  many third party MMI and SCADA software packages.

I/O products from duTec can operate simultaneously with other products on the same network using the same software.

No jumpers; baud rates and communication addresses are set by an on-board push button, or remotely by the host. A continuous display verifies the selected baud rate and addresses. It operates over RS-232/422/485 networks from 300 to 38,400 baud.

Built-in LCFs (Local Control Functions) add STANDALONE remote control for faster, more predictable real-time response.

LCFs include logic gates, analog compare and math, dead-band and PID controllers, and ladder logic.

The WindowsTM based LCF Program Generator software configures the interactions between analog and digital I/O modules and LCF Blocks to perform complex operations.

Comprehensive high temperature product testing and readily available technical support ensure worry-free installation operation and product satisfaction for your customer.

Digital modules are interchangeable with industry standard modules of the same type
 Notes    1 UL File number E58632  4 One cycle
 2 Isolation 4,000 Vrms  5 One second
 3 1 A @ 45°C, derate 18 mA/°C

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